Where were the robots in Passengers?

Passengers was an excellent science fiction movie.  I hate spoilers, so I won’t rehash the plot or many of the details.  However, when you finish watching, ask yourself two questions.  First, where were the robots?  Even today we have untethered, semi-autonomous bots such as “big dog,” not to mention flying drones, both of which were absent in Passengers.

big dog.jpg




Next, did the mothership, Avalon, wake Chris Pratt’s character up on purpose? This questions leads to all sorts of possibilities about the ship’s AI, both strengths and weaknesses.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence furthered their science fiction street creds, especially if you consider the Hunger Games and Jurassic World series more fantasy or contemporary in genre. Chris Pratt’s gravitas in Passengers balanced his cavalier, silly role in Guardians of the Galaxy.   Expect to see more of these two actors in science fiction.




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