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Reddit Fantasy Writing Contest for August

This month’s writing contest is almost over. The fantasy writing theme is astral starships… you know that steampunk theme of sailing in the aethar to different dimensions. The second layer is pirates! Yar! My story is on the fantasy writer’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Sci-fi Scenes

I’m working on several writing projects, so how about this idea. Saturday Sci-Fi Scenes are three images from Earth which I think will double as interesting parallels for science fiction. This pond has echoes of the science fiction set of … Continue reading

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Crafting Narrative in the app, Spellcraft

Spellcraft is a fun app which won numerous awards for design, mechanics, and a few years ago achieved coveted status at the top of the app store download list. Spellcraft is still entertaining. Play the game for a few days … Continue reading

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The Last Legion and Crafting

The Lost Legion Being a Latin teacher, this movie always appealed to me. However, The Last Legion has a certain, “Could it really be any good?” quality to the reviews and plot. The last Roman emperor, a mere boy, escapes … Continue reading

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New Crafting Memes for Fantasy Literature

The last few days have been very busy with a new school year, but I’ve been pondering some new crafting memes since Sunday. In the crowded marketplace of fantasy literature, I’ve searching for unique ideas which aren’t completely far-fetched. I’ll … Continue reading

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Crafting as narrative driver

Hi, Everyone, Sorry for the lack of content; I’ve been getting ready for a new school year–very excited and exciting stuff! Here is one of my side projects. A few days ago (check the archives) I wrote about the browser … Continue reading

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Crafting Memes for your Scifi-Fantasy Writing

Today’s post is on the practical application of crafting to your science fiction and fantasy writing. My plus five stylus of spelling and ink of incredible durability is ready. Skill-based crafting: Remember the wingardium leviosa fiasco where Ron causes the … Continue reading

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